Debra was a thoughtful strategic partner, focused on ensuring that the business’ growth initiatives were driven by insights and strong customer analytics.

Debra demonstrated consistently the ability to turn data into game changing consumer insights and to then steward those insights forward into clear consumer-based strategies.

Debra is a research professional with vision. She continuously strives to design the best methodologies that uncover consumer insights that solve business challenges and provide product development and arresting direction. Debra sees the big picture and is always looking towards the future of the business.

Debra is a driven marketing thought leader skilled in identifying and leveraging critical consumer insight and applying to brand strategy, positioning, all the way through to consumer implementation.

Proactively seeks relevant industry, competitor, business, and functional insights and trends.

Thought Partner

Debra is a passionate consumer advocate and great thinking partner who always challenged for deeper insights and big ideas.

Debra is one of the best, if not the very best, consumer insights professionals I have worked with. I highly recommend Debra as a seasoned marketer and insights guru!

She was a tremendous thought partner to me and my team

She always has a fresh perspective on how to use different kinds of consumer research to answer business questions, and brings a strong, data-based point of view. In addition, she was always willing to bring her perspective and ideas to brainstorming and other group work sessions.

She has proven to be a critical, analytical, and creative thinker who regards challenges as opportunities, rather than road blocks. Debra is a true professional who is highly dedicated and ethical, as well as a pleasure to work with.

Debra is a fantastic team player and support to the rest of the department. She has great, insightful ideas.

Debra demonstrates humility and respect for others; holds others accountable to do the same.

Game Changer – Activation Cheerleader

Her record at Taco Bell speaks for itself. During her tenure there, she turned TB into a highly profitable innovative QSR. Taco Bell is now only second to McDonald’s in terms of profitability in the QSR industry in this country.

Debra not only has a deep understanding of human psychology but she is also one of the very few researchers I have worked with that can convert that technical know-how into insights and innovations.

Debra is very passionate about her work and loves what she does. She is gifted at being able to dig down through piles of research to find the true insights and then knows how to act on them. Debra has led successful product expansions for many years and it is quite apparent that her success is grounded in her vast understanding and application of market research techniques.

Debra makes an impact by instilling a sense of urgency to act and rallying stakeholders to do their part to achieve success.

Team Builder

She was a very supportive coach for me in and outside the office. She encouraged me to go to a higher level in my career and always gave me great feedback.

She was a wonderful coach and growing her team was always a top priority for her. She is very personable and truly cared for everyone in her team.

Debra is also a great leader and people developer. She trained and grew a number of very strong insights professionals and they are now blossoming in the YUM! organization.

As a manager and leader, Debra has continually provided her Consumer Insights group with strong management and direction, while allowing the individual members to develop and grow, creating a strong and diverse team.


She is a true expert in the field and is also open to new ideas.

She is passionate, knows the business and can provide innovation programs based on trends, resulting in consumer-driven new products. She looks for ways to have even stronger processes.

Debra is vey passionate about research. She is always looking for the solution and is good about thinking forward and trying new approaches.

Creative problem solving, proactively offering alternatives to process, supporting strategy development with previous research.

Debra is very smart and inquisitive.

Debra is a nice person who is easy to talk to and approachable. She is open to trying different things or ideas.

She promotes continuous learning for herself and others.

Still want to know more about Debra?


Still want to know more about Debra?